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Basic Biology Chapter Quiz

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What form of reproduction is characterized by a single cell stretching between two membrane-bound rings of DNA, eventually dividing into two clonal daughter cells?

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Which mechanism for genetic variation occurs in eukaryotes but not prokaryotes?

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What is the expected phenotypic ratio (AB:Ab:aB:ab) for offspring of a dihybrid cross for two independently assorting traits, A and B, if both parents are heterozygous for both traits (AaBb)?

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What naturally occurring enzymes help bacteria cut up the DNA of invading viruses?

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What term is used to describe organisms that contain recombinant DNA?

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Which human organ system involves chemical control via production of hormones?

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If the biomass of primary producers of an ecosystem represents 1,000 kcal of energy, how much energy would be available to a secondary consumer?

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Which biologist developed ideas about natural selection at the same time as Darwin?

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