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International Teacher Certification

As a teacher, certification is a crucial rung on the ladder to success. Holding international teacher certification indicates that you reach for the highest professional benchmarks, and pursuing certification tells employers that you are committed to your own professional development and that you will go above and beyond to provide your students with the highest quality education.

Teach Internationally with American Board

American-based education institutions are internationally known for their high standards and ability to produce world class educators. International schools often seek teachers certified through American-based education institutions such as American Board, which provides a structured and proven path to teacher certification. American Board is a nonprofit organization established by the United States Department of Education to modernize the teaching profession by streamlining the certification procedure. The organization has certified thousands of teachers who now lead their very own classrooms in the U.S. and across the world.

How It Works

American Board’s program includes robust tutorials and study materials all developed by more than 700 field experts including university professors, published researchers, and experienced teachers. Because the program materials are so comprehensive, program completion requires no additional university coursework. American Board candidates earn their teaching certificate by studying for and passing two exams—a subject area exam and a pedagogy exam that assesses the skills and knowledge required of the teaching profession. American Board’s program is self-paced so candidates can progress at the speed at which they are capable, and it is a fraction of the cost of a university program.

To earn an American Board teacher certification:

1. Select the grade and subject area you want to teach and enroll in American Board’s certification program.

2. Use American Board’s signature materials to study for your two required exams, a subject area exam and a pedagogy exam that assesses the skills and knowledge required of the teaching profession.

3. After you have passed both exams, submit to American Board your transcript and background check for approval.

4. Receive your American Board certification and begin teaching!



For More Information

Contact EastWest Technologies, American Board's authorized reseller, via email or phone to find out more about how our program can help improve the quality of education that takes place in your school and to learn how you can obtain a group rate to certify your school’s whole team.

Phone Number: +1 (703) 915-2053

American Board’s History of Success

  • Preparing high-quality teachers for more than 15 years.

  • 8,000+ teaching certificates issued across the U.S. and internationally.

  • 2,200+ certificates issued in the highly in-need STEM subjects.

  • Principals indicate that American Board teachers perform better than or equal to traditional, university-prepared teachers across 95% of teacher quality aspects.

  • 97% of principals expect to retain their American Board-prepared teachers after the three-year mark.