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Idaho Teacher Certification

 You can become a teacher in Idaho on your own schedule, without quitting your current job or going into debt. American Board, a national nonprofit that offers online teacher certification, has helped hundreds of Idaho teachers start their careers. Try our teacher certification program free for seven days and see if you are ready to start earning your Idaho teaching certificate.

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Teacher Certifications Offered in Idaho

Choose a subject below to learn more about the requirements to teach that subject:

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*Candidates who are seeking a Natural Science endorsement in Idaho must choose biology, physics, or chemistry on their American Board application and pass that selected American Board single-subject science assessment in addition to American Board general science assessment and Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) assessment. Candidates are advised to take the American Board single-subject science exam and the PTK before taking the American Board general science assessment in order to obtain a natural science endorsement. Idaho candidates will not be able to teach on a natural science endorsement alone; the endorsement must accompany a single-subject science certificate.

**In order to obtain a History endorsement in Idaho, candidates must complete both the U.S. History and the World History assessments in addition to passing the PTK assessment.

***In order to be a special education teacher in Idaho, a candidate must obtain an Exceptional Child Generalist K-12 endorsement. To obtain this certificate and endorsement through American Board a candidate must complete the PTK assessment, the elementary multiple subjects assessment and the special education assessment.

****Reading Endorsement is an add-on only, meaning you cannot certify in reading alone. See the Reading Endorsement page for more information.

How to Become a Teacher in Idaho

To earn a teaching certificate in Idaho from the American Board, candidates will need to complete the following steps:

1. Complete American Board’s required pedagogy and subject area exams.

2. Obtain a full-time teaching position in an Idaho school.

3. After obtaining a full-time teaching position, apply to the Idaho Department of Education for state-issued interim teaching licensure (valid for 3 years).

4. Complete American Board’s year-long clinical experience with a coach assigned by the school district that employs you.

5. Within 3 years, complete two years of a mentorship program. These programs are offered at no cost by most Idaho school districts. Additional information regarding the mentor program requirement is located on the Non-traditional Route for Candidates webpage.

*Some candidates may be required to complete the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course/Assessment (ICLC/ICLA) and/or the Mathematical Thinking for Instruction (MTI). For additional information on these requirements, please visit the Idaho Teacher Certification website.

5. Upon completion of all above requirements including those listed on the Interim Certificate, a candidate can apply to the Idaho State Department of Education to upgrade the interim teaching certification into a state-issued Idaho teaching certificate (renewable every 5 years).

NEW IN IDAHO: The Clinical Experience

American Board is expanding its program offerings to provide more training and support in Idaho. This means anyone who enrolls in the program to become a certified teacher on or after September 1, 2017 must complete a Clinical Experience, once s/he has successfully passed the American Board’s Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam and subject area exam.

What is the Clinical Experience?

The Clinical Experience is a year-long program where new teachers are monitored and evaluated to provide feedback on their teaching skills and style while helping them adjust to leading the classroom. The Clinical Experience requires the individual to be the teacher of record. This program is not an unpaid internship, student teaching job, or substitute teaching job.


For more information on state teaching requirements, visit the Idaho Board of Education’s website or call them at (208) 334-2270. Our team works closely with the BOE to ensure that our alumni have the resources they need to succeed as Idaho teachers.

WIOA Funding

The American Board is WIOA funding approved in the States of Idaho with a reciprocal agreement with the State of Missouri.  For more information regarding WIOA funding, please contact your nearest Department of Labor office.

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