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How to Enroll and Become a Teacher

American Board  is a nonprofit program dedicated to placing qualified individuals in the classroom through alternative teaching certification. We offer online, self-paced programs for certification in a variety of critical-needs subjects. Designed for busy professionals, our program offers a flexible, affordable path to earning teacher certification, without returning to school or taking on debt.

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How To Enroll

Ready to enroll with the American Board? Here’s how to get started:

1. Make sure you meet the American Board’s requirements. In order to complete our program you must:

     a. Hold a Bachelor’s degree or be within 6 months of receiving your Bachelor’s degree. Your degree does not need to be in          the subject you wish to teach.

     b. Once enrolled you will need to send the American Board your college or university transcripts.

     c. Authorize the American Board to run a standard background check. This background check will be similar to the                      background check your state or county’s department of education will conduct on you before you can be employed in a           school.

2. Select the subject area you would like to teach from the list below:

3. Or, select the state you would like to teach in below:

4. Read through the requirements of the subject area you would like to teach as well as the requirements for your state. Please make note of the following:

  a. Not all subjects are offered in every state.

  b. Each state has their own regulations on which grades can be taught with an American Board certification. For example, a       teacher can teach grades 6-12 on a Biology Certification from the American Board in Florida, but only grades 9-12 in                  Missouri.

  c. Each state has different requirements for becoming a teacher. Some states require that you register with the state’s                 department of education BEFORE you begin our program while other states require additional certifications and                        mentorships in order to receive your professional teaching license. We highly recommend you review the teaching                  requirements for your state from the list above.

  d. The state of Missouri has a minimum GPA requirement of 2.75. This GPA is calculated from your Bachelor’s degree. If you        hold a higher degree, the GPA of your higher degree and Bachelor’s degree will be averaged together. For more                          information, see Missouri teaching requirements.

5. At the bottom of each subject page is a link to enroll with that specific program. Click that link to enroll and complete your one-time payment. You will then be able to begin our program.

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