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Interested in teaching in the state of South Carolina?

We offer a flexible, affordable path to earn your teaching certificate in South Carolina. You can complete our self-paced program online without quitting your job or taking additional college courses.

How It Works

To use a teaching certificate from the American Board in the state of South Carolina, candidates will need to complete the following steps:

1. Complete the ABCTE certification program

2. Apply for a Statement of Eligibility from South Carolina Department of Education (Office of Educator Certification)

3. Obtain an offer of employment from a South Carolina public school, and provide verification of the offer to the Office of Educator Certification.

4. Receive an Alternate Route Teaching Certificate. This certificate is temporary and will initially be valid for 1 year. After your first year of teaching, you will then need to renew the Alternate Route Teaching Certificate for two additional years.

5. Teach for 3 years while completing introductory and formal teacher evaluation requirements. These requirements are specific to your school district.

6. Within your first 3 years of teaching, pass the Praxis exam in Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT).

7. Apply to upgrade your Alternate Route Teaching Certificate to a Professional Teaching Certificate. This certificate will need to be renewed every 5 years throughout your career.


Contact the South Carolina Department of Education at 803-896-0325 or visit their website to learn more about these requirements.

Certification Areas

Choose a subject below to learn more about the requirements to teach that subject:

Biology (9-12)
Chemistry (9-12)
English Language Arts (6-12)
General Science (6-12)
Mathematics (6-12)
Physics (9-12)

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Please note: while we do our best to stay current with state requirements, we are not responsible for any changes to state, district, and school regulations.