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Become an Elementary Teacher

Do you have a passion for teaching kids? You can become an elementary teacher in less than one year with our online teacher certification program. Our program is simple and designed for your busy lifestyle: study online, at your own pace, for two certification exams (a subject area and a pedagogy exam). Take and pass both exams to earn our teacher certification, which never expires and is valid in any state where we are accepted. You can become a teacher without going back to school or going into debt.

From teaching basic science and making multiplication fun to classifying nouns, verbs and adjectives, elementary teachers build the foundation for a lifetime of student success. If you have a gift for working with younger students, American Board’s Elementary Education program is the right fit for you. Your program includes candidate services, exams, online coursework, practice exams, and more.

How to Become an Elementary Teacher

In order to earn an American Board certification in Elementary Education, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher.
  2. Submit your official college or university transcripts to the American Board.
  3. Pass a standard background check.
  4. Pass the Professional Teaching Knowledge exam (PTK). This exam will be taken on a computer and must be completed at a Pearson VUE testing center. The exam will consist of 150 multiple choice questions and a writing component. We suggest you take this exam before your subject area exam.
  5. Pass the ABCTE Elementary Education exam. This exam will be taken on a computer and must be completed at a Pearson VUE testing center. We suggest taking this exam after you complete your PTK exam.

Become an Elementary Teacher in Your State

American Board’s Elementary Education teacher certification is currently offered in the following states. Click a state below to learn of the specific requirements to become a teacher in that state:

*Candidates in Arizona and Ohio should check with the state department of education to learn what subjects are available to them through American Board’s program. Candidates in these states do not take American Board subject exams.

**Florida, Idaho, North Dakota, and Wisconsin American Board students can also add a Reading Endorsement Certification to their Elementary Education Teacher Certification. This program will help you teach students how to read, a crucial skill for teachers of young students. Learn more about the Reading Endorsement Certification here.

** *Please note that in states where Special Education is offered, Elementary Education is automatically included with the program, since those states require a certification area besides Special Education. Learn more about Special Education Certification here. 

Elementary Teacher Certification Program

American Board’s elementary teacher certification program includes the following:

Study Plans: Our study plans are based on best practices and recommendations from students that have already completed our program.

Prepare to Teach Workshops: Familiarize yourself with teaching concepts and practices using online lessons, video case studies, and printable resources.

Online Refresher Course: Explore over 300 pages of material, dedicating more time to topics that need intense review and breezing through what you already know.

Practice Exams: Practice in the same format as the real test on more than 300 sample questions. These include full-length tests, topic quizzes, timed and untimed modes, and complete explanations of the answers.

Exams: Take exams when you are ready, according to your own schedule. Testing is available year-round at Pearson VUE centers, Monday-Saturday.

PTK Workbook: Did you know you need to learn one hundred different standards in order to pass the American Board Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam? We’ve designed a one hundred page workbook to help maximize studying for the PTK exam. It provides a concrete way to navigate and learn the exam’s standards.

PTK Quiz Bank I: This quiz bank focuses on the topics that students have the most difficulty with on the actual exam. This tool is designed so that candidates can avoid test pitfalls and succeed the first time they test.

PTK Quiz Bank II: A perfect complement to Quiz Bank I, this study resource ensures that candidates will also focus on the remaining topics that must be mastered in order to pass the PTK exam.

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