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Everyone has that one teacher. That teacher you remember as an adult. You remember, sometimes decades later, how you felt when they taught, how you opened up to new ideas in a way you’d never even known was possible. If you’ve ever felt inspired by a favorite teacher, you’ll remember the impact they made on your life.

Have you considered maybe it’s time you stepped into that role?

There’s never been a better time to get into teaching. Schools across the country are crying out for qualified and experienced professionals from all areas of life.

Making the switch from corporate life to a classroom is an option more and more professionals are considering. Particularly, they are considering this later in their careers when work becomes dull, with little prospect of change or progression.

For many, going back to study and imparting real world experience in an academic environment is the start of a satisfying career in a profession they might have felt passed them by.

You may feel that there are barriers preventing you from making the big leap to a new career as a teacher. However, most of the worry around the cost of retraining and lack of classroom experience is unnecessary. “Being happy and creative at work is far more important than making money. Writing reports for your students, will be far more satisfying than reports on business projections!”, says David McCourt, education blogger at 1Day2Write.

“Being happy and creative at work is far more important than making money. Writing reports for your students, will be far more satisfying than reports on business projections!”

Am I Qualified?

One concern for anyone considering a career in education is a fear of being under-qualified. School administrators have confirmed that the combination of real-world experience and a teacher training program means many professionals will be ready to teach within a year of embarking on a study course. All those years of dealing with the world of business will give you a confidence that comes from more than just qualifications.

Changing Careers Later in Life

The other joy of a mid-career job change is the opportunity to work in a new setting. Teaching jobs are available everywhere that people live! Teaching is an occupation that has possibilities everywhere. While the variables may change slightly, the essential core of the role does not. If you’re keen to start afresh and see a bit more of your country, or even the world, then a change to teaching is the perfect springboard. But for many more, benefiting the communities they’ve grown up in or moved into is the perfect place to start. “I’ve seen many trainee teachers grow so much personally from having their skills recognized. Taking those skills back to their own communities is the icing on the cake”, – says Sheila O’Neill, tutor at Writemyx.

Employers looking to take on career-swap teachers know you’ve got the education. You have a degree, the training, and certainly the life experience to make you a great bet for a teaching position. With so many teachers retiring and a nation-wide shortage of teaching staff, finding a position that suits you shouldn’t be a barrier from making the leap to a new career as a teacher. Once qualified, finding the perfect starting position should be a fairly straightforward process.

While switching from corporate to community might not make you the money you found in your previous life, there are incredible personal gains unique to the teaching profession for you to consider. Imagine working in an environment where you get the chance to lead and inspire. You will be making a significant difference in the lives of young people and where your experience counts for everything. “Think of your best day at work; do you feel you’re making a difference in staff meetings or behind your desk? Then imagine a great teaching day, where you know you are a valued and respected member of a team and have made a breakthrough with a student struggling in your subject area”, adds Michael Stokes, a tutor.

Making the Change is Easier Than You Think

School life is not without its challenges. Working within a community that supports each other and the young people you’ll be working with offers job satisfaction that not many other professions can claim. Don’t let fear keep you in a job that isn’t giving you anything back. It’s time to make a change and live your best teaching life.


Sherie Raymond writes and is an editor at AcademicBrits. Her work is published in educational and business magazines and blogs. Alongside her writing work, she enjoys practicing yoga.

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