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Teachers are incredibly resourceful at finding information and advice from fellow teachers. While reading blogs, scouting Pinterest, finding mentors, and buying lesson plans from other teachers, an educator can gather useful information to prepare herself for managing a classroom. However, there is one resource educators often overlook that often is incredibly helpful throughout the school year: Reddit.


Reddit is a website full of forums on everything under the sun. Seriously, almost everything is discussed: from Star Wars to conspiracy “facts”, television to shower thoughts, every subject, profession, and religion are discussed on the website. This includes teaching!

Teachers forums on Reddit are a great way to crowd-source for advice from other teaching professionals, get lesson plan ideas, find valuable resources to make school fun, and to vent about the less enjoyable aspects of the job. This article features a list of popular forums on Reddit (also called subreddits and abbreviated as/r/forumname) that all teachers need to know about:

1. /r/Teachers

The subreddit simply named Teachers is loaded with educators from across the world asking questions, telling their stories, and discussing common frustrations. Occasionally, students will also pop-up on the forum asking advice on how to handle a situation with their teachers. Similarly, this forum provides a safe space to ask questions, get answers, and brainstorm ideas outside of the classroom.

Sample discussions include:

Considering a class pet, do I need to be talked out of this?

So…I smacked a kid in the face today

When your “trouble student” is pretty funny

2. /r/TeachingResources

The Teaching Resources subreddit is just as valuable to teachers as Pinterest, if not more. Teachers share the lessons and presentations they made for their classes. In addition, they share deals on school supplies, and articles about education.

Sample discussions include:

Bulk high quality pencils (432/$25). I get them every year

How to Create a Jeopardy-style Game in Google Spreadsheets

6 Tips for Creating Effective Student Groups

3. /r/CSEducation

This subreddit is dedicated to introducing and using Computer Science in the classroom. Be warned, however, this forum covers Computer Science for all ages.

Sample discussions include:

Free Back to School Webinars

Collaboration and Problem Solving with Computer Science for Primary Grades

Unicode supported by Logo?

4. /r/ELATeachers

Teach English or Language Arts? Then, this subreddit is for you.

Sample discussions include:

7 Resources for Essay Writing That Make a Teacher’s Life Easier

This is What English Actually Sounded Like 500 Years Ago

5. /r/HistoryTeachers

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. However, those that do not read the History Teachers subreddit are doomed to have a more difficult school year.

Sample discussions include:

Remember the Ladies – A podcast discussing women in history

Stamp Act/acts against the colonists

Civics icebreaker

6. /r/ScienceTeachers

Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, and General Science for K-12 are all covered in this science subreddit.

Sample discussions include:

What is Your Go-To Source for Demos/Experiments/Videos?

Bottle Rocket Launcher?

Websites for middle school science research?

7. /r/SpecialEd

Special Education is a hard subject and therefore is one that can raise a lot of questions. As a result, this subreddit seeks answers to those questions.

Sample discussions include:

Special Ed assistant/diaper changing

Should I get a Master’s?

Advice for a student teacher going into a Special Ed school for the first time?

8. /r/Education

Last, but not least, is the subreddit known as Education. This is your go-to source for news articles about America’s education system, from Pre-K through PhD. It’s smart for teachers to keep up with this forum in order to know what legislation, rules of conduct, and state-wide programs may be headed their way.

Check out the latest Education articles here.

Did we miss your favorite education-themed Reddit forum? Let us know in the comments below!

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