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Teenagers get a bit of a bad rap these days. Some may say that teens today lack work ethic or are too addicted to screen time. But at American Board, we know teenagers are great! Teens are little adults coming into their own; honing the talents they’ll one day share out in the real world. Will the mathlete be your future accountant? Will this debate-club star be president? Let’s celebrate the goodness of teenagers by recognizing National Good Teen Day, January 16th. It’s a moment to celebrate the achievements of teens and encourage their potential. Good teenagers are in classes right now, excited about their futures.

Recognizing the Good in Teenagers

Never heard of National Good Teen Day? Here is a quick synopsis of its history:

“National Good Teen Day was founded by a group of students and teachers at the Salem City Schools in Salem, Ohio and it was first celebrated back in January 1992. The purpose of the day was to go against the stereotype of teenagers as problematic, but to recognize that each teen has something good that can be found in them. And it is the recognition of this “good” in each and every teen that acts as the motivation behind National Good Teen Day. By October of 1992, the United States Congress, together with president Bill Clinton, signed a joint resolution to make January 16 a day to encourage teenagers and focus on the positive qualities of America’s youth. Going forward, that day has been known as National Good Teen Day.”

Teens Today

On this day, we share stories of teens who excel academically, who volunteer tirelessly in their communities, and who show exceptional leadership among their peers. It’s a day when we applaud the resilience and creativity that so many young people exhibit, often in the face of adversity or challenge. National Good Teen Day isn’t just about recognition; it’s about inspiration.

In homes and schools, on sports fields and in community centers, good teens are making a difference. They’re launching initiatives to address climate change, starting non-profits to fight social injustices, and building apps that aim to solve everyday problems. They are tutors, athletes, musicians, and inventors, often juggling numerous roles with the poise of seasoned adults.

Teens in the Future

Now that we’ve established the incredibleness of teens, it’s worth noting that they still need support. On National Good Teen Day, it’s crucial for us to do more than just praise. It’s a day to listen. Teens today navigate a complex world and face pressures that were unimaginable even a generation ago. Engaging in conversations with them about their visions for the future and the obstacles they face is vital. It is also a day for mentorship, for passing the torch of experience from one generation to the next, empowering these young individuals to take hold of their destinies.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make a difference in the lives of teens today, consider teaching. American Board’s online teacher certification program is fast and affordable. Get started today and you can be inspiring your very own class of teens by next year!

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