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The Need for More Teachers

North Dakota schools need more teachers. According to North Dakota’s Education Standards and Practices Board, every subject area will experience a “critical shortage” of teachers for at least the next year. In other words, the state’s shortage means that not every student has access to a certified and committed teacher. This is a problem for North Dakota’s students who are facing overcrowded classes and classes lead by uncertified teachers. However, you can be a part of the solution by becoming a teacher in North Dakota.

Because North Dakota schools need more teachers in every subject, new teachers could have an easier time finding a job no matter the subject-area they pursue. 

Knowing the need for more teachers was forthcoming, North Dakota’s legislature has already taken steps to make it easier for local community members to transition to a career in teaching. In 2019, Governor Burgum signed legislation approving the state’s very first alternative route to teaching: American Board. To date, dozens of future teachers in North Dakota have already chosen American Board’s online program for teacher certification as their path to state licensure.

Who Can Teach In North Dakota

American Board’s teacher certification program is completely online, allowing North Dakotans to begin teaching without needing to step foot in a university class. The online program allows future teachers to study at home, at a pace and schedule that works best for them. When ready, these soon-to-be teachers will take two final exams. That’s it; once the test requirements have been met, it’s time to start teaching!

Importantly, American Board’s program serves people in many different demographics. First and foremost, the program was developed to help local professionals with prior work experience transition to a career in teaching. For example, if you’ve worked in a science-based field or you’ve started your own business, American Board’s program helps you apply that professional knowledge in the classroom. Students need to hear real-world examples of how subject-area content applies to real life. No one is better suited to do this than those who have lived it.

Secondly, American Board’s program is a great option for recent college graduates who have struggled to find employment. Graduates can pursue teaching through American Board, no matter their college major! Teaching is a steady career option that provides daily opportunities to make a positive impact. Read one recent graduate’s experience here.

Additionally, American Board recognizes the incredible skills and knowledge that Military Families bring to their communities. For this reason, and to help more Active-Duty Military, Veterans, and their families transition to careers in teaching, American Board offers our absolute lowest price for these populations. This discount is our small way of saying “thank you” for your service; we hope you will consider sharing your knowledge with future generations through a career in teaching. 

How To Earn Your Teaching Certificate In North Dakota, Online

Becoming fully licensed to teach in North Dakota has never been more streamlined. 

To become a teacher in North Dakota with American Board’s teacher certification program, candidates will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Pass American Board’s required pedagogy and subject area exams.
  2. Use American Board’s Classroom Ready Certificate to secure a job in a North Dakota public school.
  3. After obtaining a full-time teaching position, apply to the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board for an initial license. Within 2 years, complete
    • American Board’s Clinical Experience program and the North Dakota teacher support system approved mentor program,
    • North Dakota’s youth mental health competency requirement,
    • North Dakota’s human resources and cultural directives.

Upon completion of these requirements, receive your American Board Institutional Recommendation and apply for the North Dakota five-year renewable certificate.

American Board Graduates

You can read about the teaching experiences of American Board Graduates like Wisconsin teacher Nick by visiting American Board’s Blog. To hear firsthand from graduates about how they are navigating teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit American Board’s YouTube page. Lastly, follow American Board on Facebook for program updates. 

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