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Career Changing In South Carolina

Angela Adamian fell in love with teaching while her own children were in school. “Working with them on homework, inspiring in them a love for learning; I really enjoyed it.” Once Angela’s children were old enough, she was ready to re-enter the workforce. The problem, however, was that Angela realized she didn’t want to go back to work using her paralegal certificate. She considered going to law school but ultimately, after much soul searching, knew it was time for a change. Angela left the legal field, followed her heart, and started down the path to teaching in South Carolina.

Within days of this decision, Angela was offered a job teaching Spanish at a local private school. Speaking with a fellow teacher at the private school, Angela mentioned her desire to be a fully-certified teacher. She had looked at Masters programs but none of them were the right fit for her. In addition to teaching at the private school, Angela was also working other side jobs including that of a spin instructor. Furthermore, she was on a shoestring budget at the time. That’s when her teacher colleague mentioned American Board’s program for teacher certification in South Carolina.

Inspiring the Love of Literature

Angela explains that she is thrilled with the decision she made to begin teaching in South Carolina. She completed her online teacher certification program in less than one year, and received a job offer to teach British literature at the local high school. When asked what she loves about her role, Angela responds “connecting with my students, building relationships with them. I hear from students after they graduate and begin their adult lives, and it warms my heart.” 

Angela continues, “people are sometimes surprised that I love teaching British literature to high school students. But I find that when I connect themes from a piece by Chaucer or someone similar to themes in their own lives, I can see the connection form for them and watch the light go on. I want to help my students, be a source of inspiration and motivation for them. I want them to love learning.” 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Angela finished her third year teaching since earning her certificate. She’s already signed her contract for her fourth year. Her decision to stay in the field of education isn’t surprising—97 percent of American Board-trained teachers continue teaching beyond the 3-year mark. In contrast, the national average is only about 80 percent. This data highlights the commitment of American Board-trained teachers like Angela.

American Board teachers have persevered in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their experiences are available for viewing on Youtube.

Angela attends a Senior “Wave” event to celebrate students graduating during the COVID-19 pandemic. She poses with school mascot Tuffy.

Picking the Right Path

Angela knew the path she picked for certification had to be a good fit for her. Because fellow teacher recommended American Board’s online program for teacher certification, Angela looked into the program, knowing that teacher colleague was someone whose recommendation she could trust. Angela says, “American Board’s program is self-paced, which was so important for me because I was working full time and had side jobs. Also, I was able to use the installment payment plan which helped with my tight budget. In this day and age, being able to complete an education program and finish without debt is rare, and this worked for me.” 

Equally important says Angela, is that she was always able to reach someone at American Board when she had questions. “I was able to email, call, or use the chat whenever I needed someone and that was helpful.”

Finding the right path to certification helped Angela obtain her dream career. She concludes, “many teachers made an impact on me in school, and they still stand out in my mind. If I can be to my students just half of what these teachers are to me, I’ll be doing well.”

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