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Without a doubt, the 2020-2021 school year was unlike any other. When the spring 2020 semester was uprooted by the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers had already established meaningful bonds with their students. But the fall 2020 semester, the start of a new school year, brought new challenges. For example, many districts were still operating online and teachers had remote classes of students they hadn’t even met. Teaching is a difficult in its own right; but engaging students who’ve never met their teacher is something entirely different. Incredibly, most educators faced this challenge head on and now, positively, teachers reflect on the school year.

In particular, American Board teacher graduates across the nation have expressed the pride they found in the success they achieved this year. Some note the pride they have in keeping students engaged, while others are proud to have completed their certification during this year.

Hear from Teachers as they Reflect on the School Year

Click the video icons below to hear directly from American Board graduates as they share their highlights from the year. Certainly, they all have much to be proud of, and as always, we are so proud of our teacher graduates!

Delawese Fulton, South Carolina Teacher, American Board Graduate

Delawese Fulton, an American Board teacher graduate, is proud to be a part of a community that never gave up. Her sentiment is echoed by employers of American Board teachers across the country. Indeed, American Board teachers stepped up at every opportunity to keep their students on track, and keep their school communities moving in the right direction.

Mandy Williams, Missouri Teacher, American Board Graduate

Mandy Williams, a junior high math and careers teacher, recognizes the incredible accomplishment of her school, which stayed seated throughout the year! Balancing in-school teaching with virtual schooling for students who stayed remote, Mandy says “it’s been a blessing to teach this year.” In particular, she notes the kindness and support her students and parents have shown.

Wes Jensen, Missouri Teacher, American Board Graduate

Wes Jensen, a high school teacher, celebrates the resiliency of his students. His school went from virtual schooling to a hybrid model, and students bounced right back into their in-person schedules. Wes notes what a joy it was to see the school seniors in person before graduation!

Laura Cano, Utah Teacher, American Board Graduate

Laura Cano teaches on a reservation in Utah. Although her school was fully remote this year, she doubled down on her career choice and used this year to earn her teacher certification! American Board congratulates Laura and the rest of our recent graduates!

Keep In Touch

American Board will continue celebrate the great work of our teacher graduates throughout the coming weeks. Follow American Board on YouTube to hear more highlights as teachers reflect on the school year.

If you’ve dreamed of more than a job, if you want a career that gives you some thing to be proud of, consider becoming a teacher. Visit to learn how you can earn your state approved teacher certification. And best of all, with American Board, you can leverage your existing skill and earn your certification without returning to university or going into debt.

Become a teacher and soon you’ll be the one positively reflecting on your school year!

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