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In this new world of gig economies, wouldn’t it be nice to have a career you were truly thankful for? Instead of gassing up your car in between deliveries while you streamline someone else’s life, it’s time to go after your own dreams. You can make the most of your life, starting today. By becoming a teacher, you can make a positive impact each day while doing something you love. And best of all, with alternative teacher certification, you have access to the most streamlined path to the classroom.

Should You Become A Teacher?

Whether logging into Facebook or the local news, it seems that everyone has an opinion about teachers and our schools these days. On Facebook, parents excitedly share pictures of their children as they head to the first day of school. Other people share links for GoFundMe fundraisers for their local classrooms. Or, if you’re watching national news, the education system may seem a bit more dire. But at the end of the day, teachers remain a backbone in our local communities. Teaching is a steady career that allows people to make a positive impact in their hometowns every day. And this time of year, we remember that teaching is truly a career you can be thankful for.

What is there to love about teaching? We asked, and our alumni answered. American Board teacher graduates across the nation have expressed gratefulness for their teaching careers this year. Some note that their students are what keep them going, while others are particularly grateful be to a part of their home districts. By watching the videos below, you can hear directly from teachers about why this is a career they love.

A Career You Can Be Thankful For

Sarah loves so much about her teaching career and expresses gratefulness for many reasons this year. She enjoys shining light and a love of literature on her students. Sarah is a teacher in Wisconsin at school where she can teach about religion; she is also an American Board Graduate.
Alexander recognizes that it takes a village to be a great teacher. For that reason he is thankful for his supportive administration and colleagues. Alexander is a math teacher in Missouri and an American Board Graduate.
Danielle knows that holidays serve as an excellent opportunity to reach young students and get them excited about class. Danielle is a teacher in Missouri and an American Board Graduate.
Utah teacher and American Board Graduate Malia is grateful for her career because, even with its challenges, it allows her to learn and grow.
“I think that is what I love most about teaching—that we are equipping the next generation with the skills that they are going to use to make the world go around,” explains Nicholas. Nicholas teaches in Missouri and is an American Board Graduate.

Your Turn To Feel Thankful

If hearing directly from boots-on-the-ground educators has made you realize it is time to try teaching for yourself, visit American Board’s online teacher certification is fast and affordable. In fact, most teacher graduates earn their certificates in about six months. The program allows you to leverage the skills and knowledge you already have instead of forcing you back to a university for more in-person classes and more debt.

To date, nearly 15,000 teachers have launched their careers using American Board. Visit the website to learn more today, and your video testimony could be featured in next year’s thankfulness blog post!

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