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One of the keys to helping students succeed is providing them with support and tools that help them gain confidence. For some students, essay writing is an assignment that can cause a lot of stress and deflate their excitement for a class. There are many tools available online which provide essay help, but these are the top tools to share with students so their next essay assignment is not filled with dread (or errors).

1.     Citation Generator

The older students get, the more stringent the requirements for their papers becomes. It is important to properly reference sources to avoid any accusations of plagiarism. Referencing can be one of the most annoying aspects of essay writing for a student, so having a resource like Citation Generator is quite useful

2. Via Writing

In any form of written content, grammar is vital for readability. With Via Writing, students can check latest essay samples to get an idea of how the essay is constructed and get some useful tips on grammar.

3. Term Paper Help

There’s a whole host of amateur and professional writers in Term Paper Help’s forums as well as many members of the EdTech community. Whether a student is struggling with vocabulary, introductions, conclusions, or structure, they will find plenty of support and advice with this tool.

4. Easy Word Counter

It is common for essay assignments to include a word count to insure students put the proper amount of time and effort into the assignment.  However, many students may write their papers on devices that may not have Microsoft Word, which means it can be hard to monitor the document’s word count. Thankfully, Easy Word Counter is an easy-to-use and free online tool.

5. EssayRoo

EssayRoo is an amazing grammar resource that’s available to anyone who needs help reviewing their work. Many people who have great ideas struggle to express themselves on paper, as they are thinking too quickly to write. This tool is a great way to get all ideas on paper so they can be refined later.

6. Wridea

No more writing down ideas on scraps of paper then trying to make sense of the notes later. Instead, students can use this app to jot down all notes so they are easy to find and organize when it’s time to create an essay’s outline.

7. Readability Test Tool

Some students’ writing may not be on-par with the grade level they are in. The Readability Test Tool identifies what level of writing the student has achieved so they know what changes need to be made in order for the essay to receive a better grade.

8. Boomessays

Boomessays is a great too to help edit and review content before submitting a paper. The tool is even recommended by Huffington Post in the Write An Essay article.

9. Thesis Generator

Thesis writing can be difficult for students as they adjust to a more advance form of essay writing. The Thesis Generator helps students understand how to craft a thesis using the information they already know about the essay’s topic and what point, idea, or argument they wish to present in their essay.

10. Write My Essay

Write My Essay provides some great tips here for general essay writing. Plus, once an essay is finished, the tool provides an expert editor to review the essay.

11. Plagiarism Checker

Students should know plagiarism is a very serious violation. Plagiarism Checker can raise red flags and help students not commit plagiarism unintentionally.


State Of Writing

State of Writing provides an extensive list of writing resources. For students, this site is great for developing writing skills. They can work with the resources to learn how the best essays are constructed, researched, and written.


Know of an EdTech tool that should have made the list? Share it in the comments below! 

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Mary Walton is a writer at SimpleGrad, her blog dedicated to college life and achievements. Also, she is an editor at Resumention, resume writing service.

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