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Ohio’s Department of Education recognizes the value that career professionals can bring to the teaching profession. Therefore, the state has made it easier to transition to a career in the classroom. Read on to learn how—and why—you should teach in Ohio.

How to Teach in Ohio

Transitioning to a teaching career can be completed quickly and affordably. Read the steps below for details.

  1. You must pass the OAE (Ohio Assessment for Educators) exam for the subject you want to teach. Subjects offered are available here.
  2. Request an Alternative Evaluation through the Ohio Department of Education. The office will review the application to be sure that you meet the initial eligibility requirements which include the following.
    1. An undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or higher (or a graduate level GPA of 3.0 or higher) from an accredited institution.
    2. Passing the required OAE licensure exam as described above.
    3. Passing the required background checks. Your checks must be less than 365 days old and must be on file at the Ohio Department of Education.
  3. Enroll in American Board’s teacher certification program. You’ll need your valid Alternative Educator Confirmation Letter to enroll with American Board.
  4. Pass American Board’s Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam. Use your American Board Certificate of Completion to receive your Ohio Statement of Eligibility from the Ohio Department of Education.
  5. Begin teaching in your local school!

Why American Board?

American Board’s alternative route to teacher certification is state-approved in Ohio. You can find American Board on the list of approved Alternative Licensure Institutes here. But American Board stands out when compared to other certification institutes. Specifically, American Board is faster and more affordable than other alternative programs in Ohio.

Ohio Higher Ed has approved three Alternative Resident Educator Institutes. Of these three programs, American Board’s is the only program that does not require additional university work. Furthermore, American Board’s program is completely self-paced and does not require any formal classroom assignments. This means you can study on your own schedule, focusing on the final exam as opposed to menial homework.

Founded by the U.S. Department of Education, American Board’s nonprofit certification program has been operating for more than 20 years. American Board is considered an industry leader when it comes to alternative teacher certification. Nearly 15,000 teachers have used American Board’s program to launch their careers.

Ohio’s Need for Teachers

Ohio is not unique in its need for more teachers. Like most of the nation, Ohio is experiencing a teacher shortage. Moreover, schools are entirely short staffed, needing substitute teachers and bus drivers, in addition to full-time classroom teachers. But unlike some states, Ohio’s Department of Education has taken some steps to make it easier to teach in Ohio. This could help alleviate the teacher shortage in years to come.

In fact, the Ohio Department of Higher Education—which oversees teacher preparation—began allowing for alternative teacher certification in 2018. Alternative teacher certification streamlines the path to becoming a teacher by allowing people who already hold a degree to transition to the career quickly. In other words, individuals can leverage their professional experience in combination with some targeted teacher training.

Locals can take advantage of this flexibility by pursing a teaching career now. If you’ve always dreamed of teaching but you’re now nervous about committing to the career, try substitute teaching. Ohio is in need of substitutes, and this experience will let you make the decision that is best for you. Learn more at


To celebrate American Board’s launch in Ohio, we’ve been offering the program at the extreme discount of $1000 off enrollment cost. But this discount is expiring soon! If you’ve considered teaching in Ohio, now is the time to make your move. Get started before this discount expires. Learn more at

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