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What is Troops to Teachers (TTT)

For more than 20 years, Troops To Teachers has been the lead program assisting our Veterans as they transition to a career in teaching. Recognizing the incredible value and unique skills our Veterans bring to the table, TTT has provided a pipeline for thousands of Veterans entering the classroom.

Troops to Teachers Cancellation

Unfortunately, the Department of Defense shifted the resources used to administer the TTT program to “higher priority programs more closely assigned to the National Defense Strategy.” As a result, the Troops to Teachers program has been cancelled. 

Why This Is Important

Military Veterans are a natural fit for the classroom. They’ve already shown their commitment to serve; by becoming a teacher, they are able to continue serving their local communities. Likewise, their strong leadership skills allow them to model excellent behavior for students. Encouraging our Veterans to pursue a teaching career benefits our local schools and students, and should be a priority for all.

Additionally, data show that hiring Veterans increases retention and diversity among school staff. These are goals among many school administrations.

Possible Solutions 

Businesses must continue to provide training and hiring opportunities for our Veterans and their spouses. It’s important to remember that, just as our members of our Military serve and sacrifice, so do their families.

Therefore, American Board remains committed to serving our Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their spouses as they pursue teaching careers. We do so by providing the most streamlined path to teacher certification available. American Board has long been national partner with Troops to Teachers, and we will continue that work in the future.

American Board reserves our absolute lowest program cost for Active Duty Military, Veterans, and spouses. Through our program, these people can earn teacher certification for only $1,000; that is $900 off the standard price. Those interested in using our Military discount should email our team at In addition, we will continue to work with local schools, encouraging them to consider Veterans and spouses when working to fill their teacher needs.

Lastly, American Board encourages all businesses to continue supporting our Veterans and their spouses. These people sacrifice for our Great Nation in ways we can only imagine. Let’s support them as they regain their footing in our local communities.

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