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Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers are teaching in even more innovative ways. Many are employing online resources not previously used in their classes. American Board teacher graduates are providing insight about their new teaching methods through our Youtube page. One graduate, Tammy Wenhame, was well prepared for the uptick in online schooling—she’s been teaching online for over a year!  We talked with Tammy about her experience in online education and how she knew American Board was the best certification route for her.

Online Schools

The online education industry is booming and teachers are in high demand. Tammy teaches through Outschool, an online schooling option offered globally.  Like other online education options, Outschool was booming prior to COVID-19. But Tammy says her class sign-ups have since experienced exponential growth. The Global School Network is another online education option in serious need of certified teachers. 

Like Tammy, many American Board teachers have already made careers out of online teaching. Drawn to the flexibility and freedom to choose their schedule, online teaching has become increasingly popular. Using remote teaching services such as Google Classroom and Zoom,  teaching online is now more accessible than ever. Additionally, these resources have made it easier for brick-and-mortar teachers transitioning to online education. 

Why American Board Certification

Based in Tennessee, Tammy told us why she chose American Board’s online program for her certification needs. 

“What benefited me was that is was totally self-paced.” A busy mom, Tammy needed a program she could use anytime and anywhere, like when she would study in her car while waiting during her child’s swim practice. Because of her family’s strict schedule, she explained that she couldn’t go back to school to attend in-person classes. She went with American Board because she “needed the flexibility and quickness of the path.”

 “I love that comfort of being where I’m at, building my classroom behind me. Especially with Outschool, I build my own curriculum; that’s one thing that I absolutely love, is that freedom to teach what I’m an expert at.”

Tammy noted that online schooling options like Outschool and the Global School Network are particularly in need of secondary subject teachers. Career changers are able to meet this need, using professional experience to reach certification requirements.

If you would like to learn more information about American Board’s online certification program, visit this site. You could be leading your own online class in just a few weeks.

To follow Tammy’s online teaching experience, check out her Instagram page

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