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School leaders are struggling to put a certified teacher in every classroom, and yet many working professionals want to transition to a career in teaching. Now, however, Idaho lawmakers have merged these trends by streamlining the path to teacher certification in the state. 

Governor Brad Little’s signature on a recent provision (HB 599) eases the burden for Idaho’s teacher preparation programs and future teachers. Finally, teacher preparation programs will have more flexibility in how they train future teachers.

The new legislation directly impacts American Board—a national nonprofit—and the people who use this online program for teacher certification. Wasting no time, American Board has eliminated the year-long, in-class requirement known as Clinical Experience for its Idaho teachers. This means that local community members who want to become teachers can be certified in just a few weeks.

How To Earn Your Teaching Certificate in Idaho

Now, earning your teacher certification in Idaho is as easy as passing the tests. To earn your teaching certificate online, candidates simply complete the following four steps.

  1. Submit transcripts from your bachelor’s degree program.
  2. Pass a federal background check.
  3. Study for and pass a subject-area test of your choice.
  4. Study for and pass a pedagogy test about the skills of teaching. 

Upon completion of these steps, you will have graduated from the program and will receive your professional teaching certification.

Because American Board’s program is entirely online, candidates do not need to attend any in-person classes. Additionally, candidates do not need to complete an unpaid student teaching requirement. Instead, the teacher certification is used to obtain a full-time job in any public school across the state. Newly certified teachers receive continued support through a mentorship program completed while the teacher works as a full-time staff member. 

American Board’s Idaho Graduates

American Board’s online program for teacher certification is approved by the state of Idaho and heavily utilized in the state. In fact, more than 3,000 Idaho teachers have started their careers using American Board. One American Board graduate in Idaho, Sean Boston, received the 2019 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. Hear from Sean and other Idaho graduates by visiting our Youtube page.  For more information about earning your teaching certificate in Idaho, visit this site

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