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Now there is more than one way to become a teacher in Ohio.

American Board’s program became available in Ohio in November 2018. This addition of an alternative path to teacher certification was in response to the growing teacher shortage. States that offer American Board’s program provided strong evidence that alternatively trained teachers perform just as well as traditionally trained teachers.

The Department of Education created American Board in 2001. Our program is designed for career changers who can’t commit the time or spend the money to go back to school. People living in rural areas can enroll with American Board to get certified. These teachers are valued in schools that have been hit by the teacher shortage. There are thousands of American Board teachers in classrooms across the country.

Become a Teacher in Ohio with American Board

The first step to earn your teacher certification is deciding what subject to teach. Then, take the Ohio Assessments for Educators (OAE) subject area exam. Once you take the OAE, request an Alternative Evaluation Form from the Ohio Department of Education. Complete this form, then send it to us with the required documents. Make sure to include your OAE exam results. After that, you can start American Board’s program.

It is easy to start earning your teaching certification in Ohio. Become an Ohio teacher today!

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