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There is now one more way to become a teacher in Ohio.

Our national nonprofit program was made available in Ohio for the first time in November of 2018, allowing people to study online to become teachers. This addition of an alternative path to teacher certification was in response to the growing teacher shortage and strong evidence from other states (which already offered the American Board program) that alternatively trained teachers did as well as or better than traditionally trained teachers.

Created by the Department of Education back in 2001, our online teacher certification program is specifically designed for people who want to change careers and become teachers, but can’t commit the time or spend the money to go back to school. In practice, this has drawn in people from rural communities who get certified and become valued, steady teachers in districts that have been hardest hit by the teacher shortage. Currently, thousands of American Board teachers are in classrooms around the country.


How to Become a Teacher in Ohio (with American Board)

To get started earning teacher certification in Ohio through American Board, you need to decide what subject you want to teach and take the OAE (Ohio Assessments for Educators) exam for that specific subject area. Once you’ve done that, you request an Alternative Evaluation form from the Ohio Department of Education. Complete it and send it in with the required documents (including exam results for your OAE subject area exam) to get approval for starting the American Board program.

It’s easy to get started (and we’ve included some helpful links in this post) earning your teaching certification in Ohio without debt or downtime. Here’s a handy visual reminder:

For more information, visit our website or contact our Enrollment team at


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