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A popular school assignment as Thanksgiving approaches is creating an “I’m thankful for…” list. At American Board, we decided to do the same and realized teachers top our list (especially since we could not even write the list without the teachers that taught us to write). Giving thanks to teachers is so important, especially around the holiday season.

Here are just a few reasons to be thankful for teachers:

  1. Only a teacher can transform the illiterate into expert readers, the ignorant into life-long learners, failures into scholars. They don’t just see children’s potential — they ignite it! Teachers use their power to empower others. [source]
  2. Teachers are so passionate about what they teach, it inspires students and helps them find their passion. [source]
  3. Every day, teachers sit down in front of a room of twenty or more entirely unique individuals. They manage all of the varying interests, needs, and styles, of students and do so gracefully. Teachers know how to make even the quietest kids feel heard, and bring the especially boisterous ones down a notch. In the process, they make each and every one feel good about the person they are. Now that is a gift. [source]
  4. The best teachers have an expectation that all their students have the ability to succeed, and they take great personal satisfaction when they see that expectation fulfilled. [source]
  5. Teachers will show up again on a Monday morning when they feel like they have nothing left to give and they will teach with passion and wisdom and humility. Teachers will love kids who society deems as unloveable. They will ditch the scripted curriculum and take their students off-road on an adventure. They will refine their craft. Teachers will build empathy and creativity and problem-solving in a way that most people never realize. [source]


Here are some things teachers are thankful for from teacher John DePasquale to provide you with inspiration on how to give thanks to teachers:

  • Students who, without fail, say “good morning” to me every day
  • Parents who bring chocolate to parent-teacher conferences because they know it’s a long day for teachers
  • Former students who visit after school to share stories of their success, or to just chat
  • Opening the cover of a fresh, brand new composition notebook
  • School leaders who trust teachers and support them
  • Parent volunteers who lend a helping hand in the classroom
  • Members of my families who are willing to grade assignments on the weekend
  • Thank you notes I receive from students; especially at unexpected moments
  • Freshly sharpened pencils
  • Middle schoolers who laugh at my corny jokes; even if it is only to humor me

How are you giving thanks to teachers this year? Let us know in the comments!

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