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What better day than February 14th to celebrate the amazing work of American Board graduates and the love of teaching they bring to their classrooms, schools, and local communities.

Whether knowing from an early age that they wanted to teach or realizing that desire later in life, teachers agree that teaching is more than just a job—it’s a passion and a calling. And there is much to love about the profession!

Teaching is a steady and well-respected job. Teaching allows parents to sync their schedule with that of their children, and provides summers off for crucial family time. Teachers build community in and outside of their schools. But most importantly, teaching is an honor allowing you to shape and lead younger generations. The best teachers find the most joy in their impact on students.

What do American Board graduates love about teaching? Find out below.

David, South Carolina

“I wanted to teach because growing up, I didn’t see anybody that looked like me. I wanted my kids to have somebody who looked like them as a teacher. That’s what drove me to want to be a teacher.”

Ginny, Missouri

“I am very passionate about teaching. I love giving kids the ability to have a voice.”

Matt, Wisconsin

“I’m fulfilled; working with kids is the highest privilege. I feel like I have the best job in the world. I look forward to being able to make an impact on my students’ lives every day.”

One more great thing about teaching? Teachers make incredibly collaborative colleagues and they’re always willing to share ideas and resources to make your classroom great. When you become a teacher, you join a community of people dedicated to the love of teaching and lifelong learning.

When you think of your love of teaching, what comes to mind? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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