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With so many school events happening every month, your bulletin board might already be plastered with posters. Some introduce the next bake sale. Others list the schedules for cheerleading practice. You’ll also have club activities every week, from band tryouts to the school paper. But how do you make sure your students read all your announcements, even when they’re running around the halls? Easy. Show them a poster that will stop them right on their tracks.

Designing materials for after-school activities isn’t as challenging as you might think. Below, you’ll find a few creative approaches for poster ideas that will make any poster of yours stand out.

1. For the Back to School Bash

Get your students psyched up for the first day of classes with a bright and colorful layout, featuring a few choice design elements. Whether you’re having a fun block party or you just want to welcome everyone back, you’ll love these simple, clean looks!

2. For the FUNdraiser 

Appeal to your students’ tastes and raise funds for a good cause by adding photos to your posters. After all, nothing beats getting a peek at the real thing! And why stop there? Craft a more consistent look with photo filters, lines, and shapes.

3. For Show and Tell

Want your preschoolers to come to class with their favorite toys and knick-knacks? Go the extra mile and announce Show and Tell with a photo collage! Simply assemble your favorite images and pair them with playful colors and fun fonts.

4. For the Talent Show

Easily pique your students’ interest with bold colors and typography, perfect for those who want to take center-stage at the talent show. Feel free to add icons, shapes, or pictures too!

5. For All the Clubs

Gauge your students’ interests and create posters that capture the spirit of each club. Use illustrations of beakers and flasks for the Science Club. Add masks and curtains to encourage everyone to try out for the Theater Troupe. Just use your imagination and you’ll have students lining up for all those after-school activities!

The best thing about these posters is that you don’t have to make them from scratch. Canva has everything you need to create them yourself, from a user-friendly design studio to millions of decorative elements.

Even if you’re an absolute beginner, you’ll have no trouble with its easy, drag-and-drop interface. Find inspiration from their wide library of school friendly poster templates or edit your favorites to suit your needs. You can also upload your university logo, event photos, and other promotional assets. With Canva, it only takes minutes to create spectacular posters for every school event.

Have any other poster ideas for after-school activities? Let us know in the comments!

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Neobie Gonzalez, Content Specialist at Canva