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Patriot Day

September 11th, we celebrate Patriot Day. As we reflect on the horrific September 11, 2001 attacks, American Board takes this day to honor the First Responders, Members of our Armed Forces, their Families, and the extraordinarily brave everyday Americans we have lost since.

Patriot Day provides us all with a time to pause, reflect, and express gratitude for those who fight to protect us and preserve our freedoms. The day also serves as an opportunity to consider how you can best give back to your community.

Make a Difference

Many Americans recognize Patriot Day with a day of service, working to benefit their local communities. The day of service can include acts of kindness as simple as sending a few hand-written cards to loved ones or paying genuine compliments to coworkers. Other people may choose to use the full day for service, cleaning litter from a local park or working at a food bank.

But what if you strive for more? Patriot Day honors careers of service, First Responders and Members of our Armed Forces. People in these roles serve our great nation with unparalleled bravery.

Other careers, however, also allow you to serve and give back to your community. For example, teachers play a huge role in their local communities. Teachers do more than classroom instruction. They coach athletic teams and lead after school groups for students. Teachers connect learning to the real world that students are experiencing. They provide meals, supplies, and support for students in need. Most importantly, teachers help shape the way that our children grow and learn.

Give Back to Your Community – Become a Teacher

If you’ve ever considered becoming a teacher, this is the time to make that move. Students in your community deserve the very best. They deserve a chance to learn, grow, and blossom into the productive community members they are meant to be. To that end, your local school needs your help to ensure students have a chance to be the best they can be.

Earn your teacher certification so you can be a part of the solution and have the opportunity to do something positive every single day. It has never been easier to transition to a teaching career. You can now earn your state-approved teaching certificate, with no debt and no time off work.  Furthermore, local schools are now hiring and in need of committed local community members who have the skills and knowledge to teach.

To learn how you can quickly and easily transition to a full-time career that allows you to give back to your community every single day, visit You can also read this blog post for an example of how one Missouri man realized teaching was the career for him.

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