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Recognizing the need for certified teachers, Florida has streamlined teacher certification! The change was made at the state level and eases the certification process. In particular, the change in the certification process impacts people who are uncertified but already teaching in a Florida classroom. Now, these temporary-certificate holding people can earn their professional certificate without jumping through redundant hoops.

How is certification now easier?

Previously, candidates looking to upgrade from the Temporary Certificate to the Professional Certificate were required to pass the Florida General Knowledge Exam. Known as the GKE, the exam was a hurdle for people pursuing teacher certification in the state. In fact, for many people it has been the one step preventing certification. Furthermore, the GKE requirement was in place in addition to the completion of a certification program.

Now, Florida teachers using American Board’s certification program no longer need to take the GKE! Instead, these teacher candidates can simply complete American Board’s program.

Who benefits from the change?

Specifically, people who are currently employed as a teacher and hold a Florida 3 year non-renewable Temporary Certificate will benefit from this change. These teachers are now able to upgrade to the Professional Certificate in a more straightforward way.

Additionally, this change is beneficial for school leaders who struggle to find the teaching staff their schools need. Using the more streamlined process, school leaders can encourage their uncertified staff to pursue certification.

How can I take advantage of this change?

Earn your Florida teacher certification now. Use American Board’s online and self-paced program to earn certification without going back to college or going into debt. Click here to learn about Florida teacher certification.

The steps to certification in Florida are now simple.

  • First, click here to enroll in American Board’s certification program.
  • Next, study the online materials at your own pace, on a timeline that works for you. Schedule and pass the two American Board final exams, your subject exam and pedagogy exam. Note that these are your only test requirements. American Board teacher candidates do not take the Florida General Knowledge Exam.
  • Complete your district’s PEC/mentor program. Because you’re earning certification with American Board, you’ll skip additional university and student teaching requirements!
  • Finally, use your American Board certificate to apply for the Florida Professional Certificate.

American Board Teacher Testimonial

Unsure if American Board’s program is right for you? Click here to read about Teresa’s experience with American Board’s certification program. Teresa transitioned from a career in accounting to teaching, and then to school leadership!

Lastly, you can hear from other American Board teacher graduates by visiting American Board’s YouTube page.

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