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It’s that time again. The time of year when we wonder whether we’ve gotten the year off to the right start or not. Some of us have already flubbed our New Year’s resolutions. Others never even set one. But whether or not you’re ready to rock this year, we’ve all got the same potential, the same ability to do something good.

New Year, New Career

Pursuing a new career can have a monumental impact on your life. Instead of spending your weekdays counting down to the weekend, and spending your weekends dreading Monday morning, a career you enjoy can make each day more meaningful. 

The best way to select a new career is to pick one that feels meaningful. Teachers rank with paramedics and firefighters when listing jobs that truly make a difference. Importantly, these are careers that allow you to make a transition without several years of additional training and university tuition. If you’re ready to make a transition to a career that matters, consider that “teachers matter more to student achievement than any other aspect of schooling.”

Online teacher certification is easy and affordable, and it leads to state-approved licensure just like degree programs do. American Board’s online program has been around for more than 20 years, and more than 15,000 teachers have used the program to launch their careers. Read on to learn about the experiences of American Board teacher graduates.

Do Something Good: Become A Teacher

Teachers make a difference every day, and it’s not always in the classroom. Many teachers are more involved than simply seeing kids in the classroom; they are often coaches and mentors too.

“As a male teacher, some of these kids don’t have a dad or uncle at home. Or they are from a split family and perhaps their interaction with you at school is the only interaction they are having with a male role model that goes to work every day and looks out for them every day.” 

Trey, Missouri Teacher

 “People are sometimes surprised that I love teaching British literature to high school students. But I find that when I connect themes from a piece by Chaucer or someone similar to themes in their own lives, I can see the connection form for them and watch the light go on. I want to help my students, be a source of inspiration and motivation for them. I want them to love learning.” 

angela, south carolina teacher

Why American Board?

American Board’s teacher certification program is entirely online, self-paced, and competency-based. Additionally, and perhaps best of all, American Board is affordable.

ONLINE: Means no driving to a university for night classes. No time away from your family sitting through courses you don’t need.

SELF-PACED: Means you work at the speed that works for you. Study when you’re free, whether that’s early morning or on the weekend. You won’t have any arbitrary due dates ruining your weekends or holidays.

COMPETENCY-BASED: Means you can sign up today and take the final exams tomorrow, if you’re feeling prepared. If you need time to study the material, that’s fine too. Move forward when you know you’re ready.

AFFORDABLE: Means no need for student loans. With American Board, you can earn your state-approved teaching certificate and begin your new career for less than $2,000. As stated by American Board graduate Janae:

“Overall this was such a great experience. I feel so grateful because, truly, this has changed our lives. I’m older and I’ve got kids, and it has been the biggest blessing to start a new career without debt.”

Janae, North dakota teacher

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