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The holidays are here and so it is time to spend countless hours wondering what to give all the special someones in our lives. Is it the right size? Did I get the right brand? Instead of gifting something that will inevitably end up in the back of a closet, switch it up this year. Give the gift of fulfillment. Help someone fulfill a lifelong dream of becoming a teacher.

Giving the Gift of a New Career

If you know someone who has long dreamed of becoming a teacher, American Board is here to help. American Board offers an online, self-paced, state-approved teacher certification program.

Online means that the future teacher won’t have to attend a single university course. No driving to night classes. No sitting through lectures on topics already mastered.

Self-paced means the the future teacher can progress as quickly or slowing as needed. If a former accountant wants to teach math, they’ll work really quickly and be certified in as little as a few weeks. If someone wants to study while balancing a full-time job and busy family life, that’s fine; they can take as long as they need.

State approved means that you and the future teacher can rest assured that the American Board certification leads to a full-time teaching position in a public, private, or charter school. Many new companies are trying to enter the world of for-profit teacher certification. Not American Board; we’ve been an industry leader for more than 20 years. To date, our nonprofit which was founded by the US Department of Education has certified more than 15,000 teachers.

How to Give the Gift

Getting started with American Board’s program is simple. First, visit our website at There, you can see the list of states in which we operate. You can also find out what subjects are offered. You will need to select a subject when helping someone enroll, but don’t worry because that can always be changed if they prefer a different content area.

On the website, simply click “enroll” and complete the form as required. Or, if you prefer some help, you can use our live chat feature which pops up on the website. The chat featured is staffed by real humans and they’re happy to answer your questions or help you enroll.

American Board’s teacher certification program cost $1,900 for a one-time payment. However, we frequently offer discounts so please check the website for current pricing. If you’re unable to make the one-time payment but you’d like to financially contribute to someone’s certification, American Board also offers an installment plan. Again, the only chat team will be able to assist you with this as needed.

Fulfillment in Career = Fulfilling Life

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