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Celebrating Earth Day on April 22 always provides teachers with a chance to incorporate fun environmental lessons into their curriculum. But the fun isn’t reserved for science teachers alone. In fact, it is possible to incorporate Earth Day lessons in any classroom. For example, history teachers can teach about Earth’s 4.5 billion year history or the history of Earth Day itself. Math teachers can show students all the ways math appears in nature

Unfortunately, Earth Day looks a bit different for teachers this year. Teachers everywhere are trying to balance lesson planning with supporting their students during a global pandemic. Therefore, this blog includes several ideas and ready-to-use Earth Day resources for teachers who want to incorporate Earth Day into their remote learning plans. 

Earth Day Classroom Resources

Environment America

This fantastic resource includes 50 environmental activities students can do at home. Several activities only need supplies that many students will already have at home. You can go a step further with your lesson and ask students if they have their own ideas for celebrating Earth Day from home. Students may suggest going for a walk to appreciate trees, or evening planting flowers in their yards. 


This resource includes projects to be completed in class, in home classrooms, or in students’ communities. Some lessons cover the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling and preventing pollution. Other lessons teach about endangered species and ecosystems.  

The Earth Institute at Columbia University

Geared toward older students, this informative blog post includes several suggested activities students can complete. Suggestions include making decorative window signs, watching environmental films, and cleaning up the neighborhood. 


Students and teachers with limited resources can still talk about and celebrate Earth Day. You can start by encouraging your students to think about ways that their lives have changed during the pandemic. Ask your students to consider the way these changes affect the environment. For example, see if they are able to list environmental pros (less driving) and cons (more take-out meal containers). This BBC article details whether COVID-19 could have lasting effects on the environment. 

Teachers Going Green

Blog Posts

Whether by choice or due to school closures, teachers everywhere have recently gone green. American Board has covered these changes in several recent blog posts. First, click here to read about online resources for classrooms. Of course, this resource can help even if your current “classroom” is in your living room. Second, click here to read how you can leverage digital resources to teach from home. Finally, if you can find any free time for your own professional development, click hear to read about online professional development resources for teachers. 

Teacher Certification

Remember, you can celebrate Earth Day every day by taking steps to reduce your impact on the planet. Consider reading digital books instead of purchasing new hard copies, and reducing your driving when possible. If you’ve dreamed of becoming a teacher or adding to your existing certifications, learn more about American Board’s online path to teacher certification by visiting You can earn your full certification without purchasing text books or driving to in-person university classes.

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