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It is now easier than ever to become a teacher in Indiana. As a result of legislation passed during the 2021 session, community members who wish to become full-time teachers in their local schools can do so without returning to college. This legislative change saves future teachers time and money.

American Board is now a state-approved route to teacher certification in Indiana.

How to Become a Teacher in Indiana

American Board offers a streamlined and affordable path to teacher certification. To earn your certification through American Board, you’ll need to complete the following steps.

  1. Enroll in American Board’s online program at
  2. Study for and pass American Board’s required pedagogy and subject area exams. This step can be completed in as little as a few weeks. *
  3. Pass the subject-area Praxis exam.
  4. Hold a CPR certificate.
  5. Attend  Youth Suicide Awareness Training.
  6. Receive American Board’s Classroom Ready Certificate to secure a job in the appropriate content area(s) in an Indiana public school. ** ***
  7. Apply to the State Department of Education for an initial practitioner license.
  8. Lastly, complete American Board’s Clinical Experience during the first year as a full-time, salaried teacher.

* American Board does not require additional courses at the university level, no need to pay per credit. At your own pace, simply study our provided online materials.
** American Board does not require an unpaid student teaching experience. Instead, you’ll simply work with a teacher mentor during your first year in the classroom as a paid, full-time teacher. This is called the Clinical Experience, described in step 8.
*** Candidates must be at least 26 years old to receive their American Board Classroom Ready Certificate.

Why Choose American Board?

Indiana’s need for more teachers is extreme. In fact, 87 percent of Indiana school districts report a teacher shortage. And while all subject areas are affected, some report much greater shortages than others. For example, 37 percent of schools report a need for elementary teachers while 61 percent need math teachers.

In short, if you’ve dreamed of becoming a teacher in Indiana, now is the time to make that move. American Board’s program makes the process easier than ever, and schools are clearly looking to hire more teachers.

Senator Linda Rogers (R) was the lead champion for American Board in Indiana. “The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence has a long-standing tradition across the nation of bringing qualified teachers with real-world experience into the classroom. Students across the state will benefit from the knowledge and skills these Hoosier professionals can bring to the classroom after their certification through American Board. With the need for teachers at peak levels, I am excited to have played a role in bringing this outstanding program to Indiana.”

Incredibly, 12,000 teachers have used American Board to launch their careers in education. Visit American Board’s YouTube page to hear directly from our teacher graduates about their certification and teaching experience.

Finally, if you’re unsure whether a self-paced, online program is for you, American Board offers a 7-day free trial. Simply visit to learn more.

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