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Thanks to the dedication and tirelessness of some Indiana legislators, it will soon be easier to earn Indiana teacher certification. Specifically targeting career-changers, the new streamlined path to certification leverages real-world experiences in lieu of student teaching time.

The Need for More Teachers

For years, American Board has covered the nation-wide teacher shortage, which robs students of access to the very best education possible. Just like most states, Indiana has fallen victim to the shortage.

In fact, 87 percent of Indiana school districts report a teacher shortage. And while all subject areas are affected, some report much greater shortages than others. For example, 37 percent of schools report a need for elementary teachers while 61 percent need math teachers.

In short, if you’ve dreamed of becoming a teacher in Indiana, now is the time to make that move. The new certification process is easier than ever, and schools are clearly looking to hire more teachers.

Steps to Teacher Certification in Indiana

American Board offers a streamlined and affordable path to teacher certification, which is now available to people in Indiana thanks to the latest legislative action. To earn your certification through American Board, you’ll need to complete the following steps.

  1. Enroll in American Board’s online program, study for and pass American Board’s required pedagogy and subject area exams.
  2. Pass the subject-area Praxis exam.
  3. Hold a CPR certificate.
  4. Attend  Youth Suicide Awareness Training.
  5. Receive American Board’s Classroom Ready Certificate to secure a job in the appropriate content area(s) in an Indiana public school.
  6. Apply to the State Department of Education for an initial practitioner license.
  7. Complete American Board’s Clinical Experience during the first year as a full-time, salaried teacher.

What is American Board?

Founded in 2001 by the United States Department of Education, American Board is a national nonprofit program providing a streamlined route to teacher certification. Now including Indiana, American Board offers state-approved teacher certification in 16 states. More than 12,000 teachers have used American Board’s online program to launch their teaching careers. With a 97 percent retention rate, American Board graduates are known for their real-world experience and dedication to their students.

What’s Next?

American Board is proudly working with the Indiana Department of Education to ensure Indiana’s future teachers are well prepared for licensure and the classroom.

July 1, 2021 is the official launch date for American Board in Indiana. This means that beginning July 1, locals in Indiana can use American Board’s program to work toward certification. Prior to July 1, future teachers can visit to enroll in a free trial of the American Board certification program. The free trial allows you to review study materials and see if online certification is the right program for you. Visit the webpage and begin your free trial today.

Visit our YouTube page to hear directly from American Board graduates about their teaching experience.

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