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Did you know approximately 200,000 men and women retire annually from their U.S. military careers and return to their local communities for life as civilians? It’s true! Now, imagine if even just a small percentage of those Veterans decided to become teachers. We could easily have an influx of an additional 5,000-10,000 teachers in the U.S. The mitigating impact this could have on our nation’s teacher shortage would be huge!

American Board pauses to recognize and thank all of the Veterans who pursue teaching as their second career.

Troops to Teachers

More than 21,000 Veterans have transitioned to a career in education since 1993, when the national Troops to Teachers program was established. However, you likely know by now that the Troops to Teachers program has been sunset, meaning it is no longer available for Veterans. Although the cancellation of the program is unfortunate, many organizations have stepped up to ensure Veterans still have the support they need to become teachers.

American Board is proud to be among these organizations. American Board was a proud partner with Troops to Teachers, and we now transition that important work to a partnership with DOD SkillBridge.

In fact, American Board reserves its absolute lowest certification rate for our nation’s Active Duty Military, Veterans, and their spouses. American Board certification cost only $1,000 for those who have served. This rate includes required study material as well as testing fees. Through American Board’s program, Veterans who already hold a bachelor’s degree—in any subject—can train to become teachers quickly and affordably. Additionally, American Board’s program is entirely online and requires no university classes or student teaching. This means the program can be utilized from any location at any time.

We Need More Veterans Leading Classrooms

Although thousands of Veterans have become teachers over the last 30 years, it isn’t happening often enough. Veterans are a natural fit to lead classrooms. With their real-world experience and leadership skills, Veterans are able to set the very best examples for their students. Furthermore, Veterans have employable skills such as performance efficiency and a fast learning curve. For these reasons and more, we should encourage our Veterans and their spouses to pursue teaching careers.

We all have a part to play in ensuring Veterans have a seamless transition when returning home. American Board aims to assist by offering streamlined career certification. Local schools can assist by hiring Veterans and their spouses as teachers and support staff when it’s appropriate. Lastly, you can help too.

If you know a retiring Veteran you believe would make an excellent teacher, encourage them to visit

Most importantly, remember to thank Veterans and their families for their service and sacrifice.

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