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When the holiday season has ended but spring is nowhere in sight, the short winter days can seem incredibly long. And classrooms are not immune to the winter blues. These energy-boosting exercises could be exactly what you and your students need to feel refreshed and ready to tackle any new challenge.

Get Moving

Physical activity is not just for New Year’s resolutions; incorporating activity into your lesson plan helps wake up students no matter the time of day. Taking a quick walk outside to get sunlight and fresh air can boost energy levels, resulting in an increased focus in class. If it’s too cold to go outside, you can use these methods to get moving inside. Having students rotate in learning stations every 10-15 minutes can also help keep them engaged.

Revamp Your Classroom

Get a head start on spring cleaning, ditch any leftover holiday decorations, re-situate desks, and spruce up your classroom decor. Check out this Pinterest board for new decor ideas that will inspire your students.

Go Green

Speaking of classroom decor, incorporating various shades of green can help your students feel both soothed and energized. Additionally, adding plants, real OR fake, in your room can lower blood pressure, anxiety, and stress! 

Keep Your Classroom Clean

Cold and flu season is among us. Wiping down desks and reminding your students to properly wash their hands will prevent the spread of germs, helping you with a healthy and happy classroom. Encourage your students to take pride in and clean up their work spaces too! Maintaining a clean classroom can help your students feel their best and ready to learn.

Celebrate the Small Stuff

Of course the big holiday season is over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Winter calendars are filled with days worth celebrating. From the Super Bowl to the first day of spring and everything in between—think Presidents’ Day and International Women’s Day—there are a variety of ways to add excitement to your lessons during the winter months. 

Have you successfully used these ideas or others to make the most of your winter? Use the comments section to tell us about the tactics you used to excite your students and make them eager to learn!

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