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March 14th (3/14) is Pi Day, giving us all an opportunity to celebrate the wonder of math in our everyday lives. Maybe you’ll celebrate in your own way with a slice of pizza or pie, but at American Board we wanted to share resources that are classroom-friendly and less messy! The activities below are great for elementary students of all ages. They are quick and easy to implement in the classroom for busy teachers, substitutes, and paraprofessionals

Inspired by Pi Day, here are 3 resources for fun math activities that are as simple to use as 3.14159.


First, check out Scholastic for five to fifteen-minute math games. Appropriate for grades Pre-K-8, these activities require a minimal amount of supplies to get your students excited about math. Games such as Simon Says, Geometry, and Straw Pole are engaging and fun for students. There are a variety of games for any math lesson. Whether it’s division, subtraction, or simple numbers, these games will get your students thinking mathematically.

Math Mash-Up

Similarly, this resource offers a variety of easy-to-use mediums for teaching math in grade 1-6 classrooms. Math Mash-up has computer games, puzzles, and dozens of activities for your class to exercise their brains. Lessons go beyond a basic math focus to cover skills such as money management and critical thinking. You’re sure to find the perfect fit for your class!

Math Solutions

Math Solutions provides over 100 math lessons organized by grade level, covering grades K-8. This resource offers different takes on a variety of topics, like helping English language learners with math words. Whether you’re teaching kindergarteners to count or 6th graders basic algebra, there are informative and engaging lesson plans for every class.

Although Pi Day 2020 takes place on Saturday, we hope these resources will help add some excitement to your math lessons, this week and throughout the school year. Plus, using these resources is as easy as pie!

Finally, American Board would love to hear how you celebrate Pi Day with your students. Let us know in the comments below.

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