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No matter how long someone teaches or how experienced they are in the classroom, there is one problem educators will always have to deal with: technology. With the rapid advance of technology making gadgets cheaper, students now have even more access to tablets, laptops, and cell phones than ever before. 15 years ago, only the occasional student had a cell phone. Now, almost every student has a cell phone, and possibly an iPad as well.

Cell phones can be a large distraction in the classroom; what are teachers supposed to do to prevent students from sneaking a peek during lessons?

Because of this, several creative teachers have come up with brilliant solutions to the cell phones in the classroom problem. See below for the best ideas from experienced educators.

Phone Prison

Get caught in the “crime” of using your phone during class? Your phone is going to phone prison! Your “prison” can be made from a bucket or jar, electric tape, and a little paint.


Hanging Shoe Holder

Several teachers have also utilized hanging shoe or toy holders to corral phones. Number each slot in the hanging holder and assign students a number. Students with phones must place their silent phones into their number slot to be counted present. Students without a phone can place a calculator or other object in their slot for attendance.


Fish Tank

This one is similar to phone prison, but a little more fun – just make sure you don’t add any actual water to the tank!


Phone Hotel

Similar to the hanging shoe holder, you can also tell students they must “park” their silent phones in the hotel to be marked present.


Let Them Know

Hang this sign to let students know you’re aware of when they use their phones.


P.S. Be sure to find out your school’s cell phone policy. Schools typically have rules in place on what to do if a student is caught using a phone during class (keep the phone until the end of the day, have a parent pick up the phone, etc.). Make sure you know this policy BEFORE you have to enforce it, that way students, parents, and administrators will be on the same page.

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