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Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 has been unlike any other. Teachers have always had the power to adapt, inspire, and change lives. But in the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, these powers have been more crucial than ever before. Without missing a beat, teachers across the country have stepped up to ensure students are still learning. We at American Board want to say “THANK YOU.”

American Board-trained teachers are leading the charge when it comes to remote teaching. We’ve asked our graduates to submit videos about the work they’ve done to reach and teach their students while home. Their testimonials are available on our YouTube channel. These teachers share insight on the online tools and apps that they are finding most helpful while teaching remotely. 

Throughout Teacher Appreciation Week, we’ve been using American Board social media channels to share some of the amazing qualities possessed by teachers, and American Board teachers in particular. 


American Board teachers are passionate about their profession and committed to teaching each individual student. These teachers go above and beyond at every opportunity to ensure that their students feel supported and eager to learn.

Highly Qualified

American Board teachers are prepared to teach. Many receive “Teacher Of The Year” awards in their schools and districts. In 2019, one American Board graduate from Idaho received the U.S. Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching!


Many American Board teachers have had successful careers before deciding to transition to a career in teaching. Employing principals know and appreciate that their American Board teachers bring professional knowledge from prior careers to the classroom. Using their real-world experiences, these teachers are able to help their students connect the dots between subject-area content and their futures.


American Board teachers come from all walks of life and teach in all types of schools.

Did you know alternative teacher certification options can help increase the diversity of teachers in a state? It’s true! A higher percentage of certificates from alternative teacher preparation programs go to teachers of color than that of traditional programs. Furthermore, studies show that minority students are more successful when they’ve had access to at least one same-race teacher.

Additionally, American Board graduates teach in many different types of schools. Most teach in their local public school. However, many go on to teach in charter schools, private schools, online schools, and international schools.

Community Members

Perhaps most importantly, American Board graduates live in the communities where they teach. They choose to teach because they know their students and want to see them succeed. These teachers know the parents of their students from church and the grocery market. They coach sports, lead debate teams, deliver meals, and so much more.

In fact, 97 percent of employing principals say they retain their American Board teachers beyond the crucial 3-year mark!

Become a Teacher

If the qualities listed above strike a chord with you, it’s time for you to consider training to be a teacher. American Board’s online teacher certification program is fast and affordable, allowing you to serve your community in the most efficient way possible.

American Board’s Blog frequently features the experiences of program graduates. Their commitment to their communities cannot be overstated, and we are so proud of the positive impact they have on their students’ lives! 

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