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Tax return season is upon us with the average tax refund for residents of each state totaling at least $2,254, according to Business Insider. That amount more than covers the cost of choosing to become a certified educator through American Board’s program.

The decision to invest one year’s tax refund can greatly change someone’s life, job satisfaction and career path. Teachers certified by the American Board can earn an average salary ranging from $41,814 in Mississippi to $62,994 in Pennsylvania, according to the National Education Association.

Of approximately 100 million full-time employees in America, 51 percent feel no real connection to their jobs, according to a recent Gallup study. If you fall into that majority, consider choosing a career path that can provide fulfillment on a daily basis and impact your community in a positive way.

“I love being involved in the growth and development of young people’s minds,” said Tyler Graham, an American Board-certified teacher. “The best is when you get the feedback years later that ‘your class transformed me’. I just got one of those from a student I had years ago who is now in college, that’s just a huge pay off.”

Even if a tax refund helps someone invest the money in becoming a teacher, sometimes finding the time can be difficult. When Jalana Robinson decided to finally follow her dream of becoming a teacher, she decided American Board was the right path to certification for her schedule.

“I had always wanted to teach. I had substitute taught and enjoyed it, but it had never worked out in my life to take time off from work to go back [to a traditional college or university] and get certified. American Board’s program was perfect for me because I could continue to work full time,” Jalana said.

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