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Certifying Highly-Qualified Teachers to Teach in High-Need Schools

The Teach & Inspire Scholarship Program was the American Board’s first scholarship program. Closed to applicants in 2010, it was dedicated to helping committed individuals transition into the classroom to make a difference where they are needed most. We are very proud of our over 100 alumni of the program, most of whom are still teaching in high needs districts across the country.

Applicants were required to go through a rigorous selection process and, once passed, received a full scholarship towards the American Board’s program. Participants also received additional resources and support, specifically created by American Board staff to help the scholarship’s recipients finish the program and enter the classroom. The American Board was proud to offer these resources to all of its candidate after seeing the success they lent to the Teach & Inspire program.

Once certified, participants were required to teach in a partnering high-need district in Mississippi, Florida or South Carolina. During the first year in the classroom, the scholarship provided participants with the American Board Mentoring Program, discussion forums, and a video library instructing on lesson plans, classroom management, and other challenges the first year teacher might encounter.