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The St. Louis American Honors American Board Certified Teacher (9/15/13)

Deitre Terrell, an American Board certified teacher, was recently recognized in The St. Louis American‘s Salute to Excellence in Education. Terrell is a career changer who is now a reading interventionist instructor for the Ultimate Purpose Program (UPP) at Confluence Charter Schools in St. Louis. After graduating from the University of Central Missouri with a degree in broadcast and film, Terrell worked as an operations technician at a local TV station.

Terrell’s desire to make a difference in the lives of children led her to the classroom. Terrell’s friends encouraged her to become a substitute teacher. During that time, she enrolled in the American Board’s program and received her teaching certification.

Terrell is having a positive impact on her students. “At the end the last year, 11 of my 12 students made a year and a half gain on their Northwest Evaluation Association [reading test],” said Terrell. “Some of the students who have been named the worst of the worst are improving.”

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