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Sample Writing Prompt

Lesson planning is an essential component of effective teaching. You are a mentor teacher and your principal has asked you to help new teachers become more thoughtful and productive in their lesson planning. Write a memo to the new teachers discussing the role lesson planning plays in effective teaching. In your memo, include the types of information that ought to be included in a lesson plan, the reasons why lesson plans are useful, and what can happen if you do not sufficiently plan lessons.

Your response will be evaluated based on how well you communicate your message to the intended audience, not on your personal opinions, position, or point of view. Your response will be evaluated based on how well organized and focused your writing is, how well you develop and elaborate on your ideas, and your grammar and mechanics.

Example of a “2” Response

Dear fellow teachers,

As a mentor teacher I just want to remind you of the role of lesson plan in effective teaching.Remember that the lesson plan is like a map.It guides the traveler to the right place.Our lesson plan should also be our guide in order for us to reach our goal.Do not forget to include in your lesson plan of course, your objective, materials(subject matter),don’t forget to have an anticipatory set which allows atudents to mentally shift gears from what they are doing before class began snd encourages students to become interested in and excited about the lesson they are going to begin.It is also important to have an assessment of student’s prior knowledge before you begin teaching a lesson to determine exactly what you review or introduce.You have to write exlpanation or teacher’s input.This is necessary for a lesson to be successful.Carefully plan what is that you are going to say to make your points.Include also students activities.These can include a wide range of activities that involve independent and guided practice.You should plan them out in sequential order.Include also closure.Make sure that you close each class with an activity of assessments in each unit of study.Plan for several smaller ones before a major test or final grade so that you do not have a roomful of students who are not prepared to take a test.Finally,never allow yourself to get behind in your lesson planning.It is almost impossible to catch up once you fall behind.Lesson planning is very important we can not really do away with it.