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New Hampshire Approves Alternative Teacher Certification for General Science and Biology

WASHINGTON, DC (March 24, 2006) —Helping to meet a critical national demand for science teachers, the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) today announced that individuals who hold the ABCTE Passport to Teaching credential are now eligible to earn New Hampshire state teacher certification in general science (grades 5-9) and biology (grades 9-12). ABCTE already provides a route to New Hampshire state teacher certification in math, elementary education, and English.

The New Hampshire Department of Education recently completed a study to validate the American Board’s certifications in general science and biology, providing an effective new route to teacher certification for professionals who want to change careers and teach.  

In his 2006 state of the union address, President Bush called for a national effort to recruit and train math and science teachers. America needs more than one million new teachers over the next decade, and ABCTE is working hard to encourage more talented professionals to pursue teaching. 

ABCTE’s Passport to Teaching program is a premier national certification option, considered a breakthrough solution for highly knowledgeable career changers.  Currently, more than 1,700 individuals are pursuing Passport to Teaching with a full third of those prospective teachers working on math and science certifications. 

“We look forward to launching a comprehensive initiative to recruit science teachers for New Hampshire schools,” said David W. Saba, ABCTE President. “In order for America to succeed and compete, students need talented, knowledgeable science teachers.”

Individuals with bachelor’s degrees can earn the Passport to Teaching certification by demonstrating mastery on the ABCTE’s rigorous subject area and professional teaching knowledge examinations. Additional college courses are not required unless the certification candidate chooses to participate in them for preparation purposes. 

Passport to Teaching is recognized as a route to state certification in Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Idaho and Utah. Many charter and private schools nationwide also recognize the certification.

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