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Molecular Biology Chapter Quiz

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Which scientist confirmed a double helix structure with the X-ray pattern in Photo 51?

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Which scientist theorized that DNA composition varies from one species to another?

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Which of the following describes the flow of information in a cell?

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Two mRNAs, produced by the same DNA segment, translated two different proteins with different amino acid sequences. How can this be explained?

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What part of DNA stores the information on how to make proteins?

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During DNA replication, what is the result of a T base occurring where a G base had been?

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After an mRNA molecule is transcribed from a eukaryotic gene, it is processed. The resulting mRNA strand is

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Which of the following molecular structures carries the information for making a specific polypeptide?

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Based on studies of other animals, which of the following is the likely role of homeotic genes in humans?

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Which of the following processes can increase genetic variability in bacteria?

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What is the name of the piece of DNA that confers the ability on some E. coli to carry out conjugation?

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What proteins switch genes on by binding to DNA and enhancing the interaction between RNA polymerase and a promoter?

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A section of human DNA is inserted into a bacterial plasmid, which is inserted into a bacterium. The bacterium synthesizes protein, but nothing like the human cell. Which of the following is the most likely explanation for this phenomenon?

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What is Southern blotting used for?

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