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Installment Plans

While we highly encourage the one time payment option, we want to make this program work for you and your unique situation. That’s why we offer installment payment plans for our candidates who are unable to pay for the program at one time.

Installment payment plans are for the full cost of the American Board program and unfortunately are not eligible for any promotional costs that may be advertised on our website. Payment differs between Standard and Premium certification programs, as well as between states. See your state for details.

Standard Pricing

Total cost of the program ($2850 Program Fee + $160 Administrative Fee) – $3010

Discounted Program Total – $2682

Discounted Total Over 9 Payments – $298 per month

Premium Pricing

Total cost of the program ($3050 Program Fee + $160 Processing Fee) – $3210.00

Discounted Program Total – $2880.00

Discounted Total Over 9 Payments – $320 per month

How Installment Plans Work

Payments will be charged to your account on the 15th of every month beginning with the month after you first enroll. Your first payment will be taken on the day you enroll. For instance, if you enroll and make your first payment on June 30, your next payment will be on July 15. If you make your first payment on February 1, your next payment will be on March 15. The flexibility of the enrollment date and first payment allows you to plan accordingly.

Installment Plans Contracts

Click on the button below to download our installment plan contracts and enroll in our program.

Interested in an Installment Plan?

Please do not enroll online if you intend to pay on an installment plan! Instead, click on the button below to email us for assistance with your application. Please note that enrollments completed by payment in full online will not be eligible to transfer to the Installment Plan. Installment plan participants are not eligible for refunds.

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