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Host An Event

Hey there! If you’ve landed on this page, you might have seen something about how we are looking for proactive people to host a local information session about our organization.


We are looking to make this simple – for you and for us.

You see, we are a national nonprofit that offers online teacher certification in 12 states…but not that many people have heard of us. Nonprofits don’t typically have a lot of flash or cash. The program you would help recruit for is really looking to recruit people who are interested in changing their career path. It’s a very specific group. Perhaps you know someone like that? We’re hoping so.

So this is what, exactly?

I’ll tell you what we are looking for here- people to host one event. It can be a party at your place, a meeting at a local coffee shop or library, whatever makes you feel comfortable. Invite as many people as you can from your social network. Read that last sentence again, cause it’s the crucial part.

Invite as many people as you can from your social network.

We need people to reach out to their large network of friends and family (and friends of friends, and that cousin who mentioned wanting to be a teacher, and the parents you know who want a more flexible schedule…) and gather them all in one place, one time. You give a brief description of the program and show them the website. You get paid based on how many people show up and you even get commission for how many people sign up.


One event you host in the location you choose, on the day you choose. Share basic information about our program with your social network and friends.


Pick a time and day that work for you and invite everyone you can think of who might want to become a teacher.


Receive compensation for your time and commission for anyone who enrolls because of your event.

What this is NOT (we know you’re wondering)

We are not a scam, scheme, school, MLM organization or anything else predatory that you’d feel bad about sharing with friends. We don’t sell your information or the information of anyone you send our way.

We are an established nonprofit created 17 years ago by the Department of Education to fight the growing teacher shortage. Our program has certified thousands of teachers around the country and we are looking to recruit more in your state.


If you’re interested in hosting an event for us, please email our team at One of us will get back to you quickly with more details about compensation rates (it’s not just commission) and how to get started.

Just a reminder:

  • No Contracts
  • No Gimmicks
  • Compensation and Commission Offered (because your time is valuable and we know it)