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Do your friends consider you a history guru? If you possess the passion and the knowledge to inform students of our nation’s past and give them the chance to travel to ancient Egypt, 14th century China and much more, then our History program is for you. Your knowledge of both U.S. and World History will be tested in this program.

Completing our History certification will enable you to teach in Idaho, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Utah.

The Plus program offers everything available through the Standard program as well as these additional resources: PTK Workbook, PTK Supplementary Quiz Bank and PTK Supplementary Quiz Bank II.*

Become a teacher and have a classroom of your own in less than a year! We offer comprehensive resources to help you prepare for a new career as a teacher.

Your program includes:

For the Professional Teaching Knowledge exam, we also offer practice exams. Preview practice exams.

Want to learn more? Request more information, visit our discussion forums or download our Information Kit.