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Evolution Chapter Quiz

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What type of selection favors the two extremes against the mean?

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Which of the following defines a group of individuals as a species, according to the biological species concept?

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What type of selection refers to one extreme of a trait distribution being selected against?

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Who made a significant contribution to the understanding of evolution, natural selection, and genetics through his work with pea plants?

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What theory suggests that species remain in the same form, with little or no change for millions of years, and then rapidly change to new species?

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What genetic principal occurs when a very small number of representatives of a species migrates to a new location and begins a new population?

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Speciation is the evolutionary formation of new species. What type of speciation occurs without geographic barriers?

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Scientists identified further evidence of evolution using fossil remains and

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Which of the following is supported by fossil records of mass losses of entire major groups of species in a short period of time?

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