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Encourage an Appreciation of Reading During National Poetry Month

(April 18, 2013) Students often cringe when they hear the word “poetry,” but a well-planned poetry lesson can engage and inspire appreciation of the written word, refresh the spirit and expand the mind.  Poetry is, after all, “food for the soul,” and neuroscience shows us that poetry and wordplay excite neurological activity, helping people process emotions and boost memory.  Whether you’re teaching tiny tots or teenagers, literature or long division, here are some activities for you to check out with your class to celebrate poetry this month:

From memorizing a poem to taking a poem on a lunch date, this list will have you and your class engaging with poetry all month long!

If adolescence (and the fifth Harry Potter book) wasn’t angsty enough for you, check out this list of poems that resonate especially well with teenagers:

A veteran teacher shares her methods for engaging the younger ones with poetry. She’s included a number of downloadable worksheets for you to use with your class:

And check out math teachers and enthusiasts posting this collection of math-related poems that will tickle and tease both sides of your brain!: