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ABCTE understands that, after enrollment, a candidate may decide to withdraw from the program. However, because ABCTE begins to incur administrative costs as soon as enrollment begins, it has adopted the following policy regarding requests for refunds:

Certification Candidates only:

There are no “extenuating circumstances” which will result in an exception to these policies.

Retake Exams

Applies to Certification candidates only

Your fee includes your first attempt at all exams that are part of that program. In the event you fail one or more of the exams, you must purchase a retake at a cost of $195 if you wish to attempt the exam again. This fee includes:

Candidates are eligible for two retakes of a failed exam. In other words, candidates may take any one examination a maximum of 3 times (first attempt plus two retakes). After 3 failed attempts, candidates must choose a new subject area or pursue a different route to certification.


If you fail to pass both of your exams one year after enrolling in the program, you can purchase a 6 month program extension for $389.

Installment Payment Plan

Applies to Certification candidates only

ABCTE offers a payment plan for new candidates. If you are looking for a flexible way to join the program, use this plan to divide the fee into eight monthly installment payments. Pricing for installment plans is the current subject certification price plus an installment program fee for financing and administrative costs.

For more details on the plan, an FAQ to answer any questions you may have, and forms to be completed and faxed for enrollment by installment, see our ABCTE Payment Plan.

Candidate Handbook

Applies to Certification candidates only

All candidates should read the candidate handbook to familiarize themselves with all policies and requirements.

Read the candidate handbook.