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Potomac Lighthouse Public Charter School

Potomac Lighthouse Public Charter School is part of Lighthouse Academies, Inc., a national non-profit charter school management organization creating new, high quality public school choices for families. Lighthouse Academies is committed to opening and operating schools in urban areas that have been underserved historically.

Students enrolled in a Lighthouse Academies school acquire the skills, knowledge and character needed to successfully complete a post secondary college or university program. We accomplish this through the use of a rigorous, arts-infused program; a focus on the whole child; and the creation of a nurturing and strong school culture of achievement, safety and responsibility.

Staff members working at Lighthouse Academies are dedicated to the mission and work relentlessly to close the achievement gap and to prepare our students for college. Staff members are provided with a variety of professional development and have access to leadership opportunities that will help them to grow and advance our mission.

1600 Taylor Street NE
Washington, DC 20017
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