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Career Changer on Path to Classroom Teacher (10/3/13)

Marian McCellan is on an inspiring venture. She has left behind the corporate world to become a classroom teacher. “I want to use my love of chemistry and my engineering degree outside of the cubicle farms of the world’s largest oil company.” Marian has enrolled in the American Board Teacher Certification program, and she is blogging about the experience “to help me reflect as I learn about teaching” and “to connect with others on this path.”

Marion shares the ups and downs, and she reflects on “two very different but equally gifted science teachers” that inspired her (Mrs. Marcin, ninth grade, and Professor Binford, freshman year). “They each were demanding, had a weird sense of humor, and liked to blow things up. I never imagined that I would have questions for them decades later. Questions like: How does a mass spectrometer really work; What is cytoplasm made of; and What will be on the next Chapter Test?”

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