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Enrollment Agreement

The American Board requires that all certification customers submit to a criminal background check and provide official college or university transcripts. Customers who received their degree outside the United States agree to have a course by course evaluation performed to obtain a statement of equivalency. Please direct background or teaching credential questions to our certification counselors by calling 1-866-445-5258. For unique circumstances, the American Board may run your background check prior to enrollment to ensure you are eligible. Submitting false information or omitting pertinent or material information in connection with your application is grounds for certification revocation or denial. By submitting this application, you are certifying that the following statements are true:

  • I have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher, or understand that I must earn a Bachelor’s degree before certification is issued.
  • I have never been convicted of any felony or military offense.
  • I understand that any misdemeanor charges will be reviewed, and at the discretion of the American Board and pertinent state Department of Education officials, may be cause for revocation or denial of certification.
  • There are no felony (or similar) criminal charges pending against me.
  • I have never had a teaching credential, license, or permit revoked or voided due to misconduct. I understand that any suspensions of credentials, licenses, or permits will be cause for review and may result in certification revocation or denial.
  • I fully understand and will comply with the regulations set forth in the candidate handbook.

Refund Policy

The American Board understands that, after enrollment, a customer may decide to withdraw from the program. However, because the American Board begins to incur administrative costs as soon as enrollment begins, it has adopted the following policy regarding requests for refund:

  • All refund requests must be in writing (letter, fax) using the Refund Request Form. You may obtain this form by contacting the American Board at 1-866-445-5258.
  • No Refund Request Form will be accepted if it is submitted more than 30 days after the date of the original payment to the American Board.
  • Not more than 80 percent of the payment will be refunded. No preparation materials are eligible for refund.
  • No refund will be issued if written cancellation is received after 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time thirty days after payment was received.
  • Retake payments are not eligible for refund.
  • This refund policy does not apply to Installment Payment Plan participants. Cancellation under the installment plan results in the forfeiture of all payments made. The customer is still responsible for the balance of the program.

There are no “extenuating circumstances” which will result in an exception to these policies.

Background Check

The American Board will procure an investigative consumer report in connection with your certification application. TalentWise, LLC, a consumer reporting agency, will obtain the report for the American Board. Your electronic signature to this statement at the time of enrollment, will authorize, without reservation, TalentWise, LLC., of P.O. Box 1048, Bothell, WA  98041, and its agents to conduct a full investigation into your background and activities at any point after this authorization.


I hereby authorize the release of any and all information pertaining to me, documentary or otherwise, as requested by any appropriate employee, agent or representative of TalentWise, LLC. I understand that during this background investigation process and in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a “consumer report,” and/or “investigative consumer report” (consumer report) may be obtained concerning my character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living. The nature and scope of this investigation may include, but is not limited to; interviews with family, friends, neighbors and associates concering my employment, education, criminal, and driving history. I release all courts, probation departments, selective service boards, employers, educational institutions, law enforcement and local, state, and federal government agencies without exception, both foreign and domestic, to furnish any and all background information (including, but not limited to, driving and/or motor vehicle records) requested by TalentWise, LLC. I understand that this information may be transmitted electronically and authorize such transmissions. TalentWise, LLC.’s Privacy Policy can obtained by request to the above address.

Customers will be required to submit electronic confirmation of the above agreement prior to enrolling in the American Board program.