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Biology Certification

Can you name the major systems of the human anatomy? Describe how plants transform sunlight into food? Biology teachers like all math and science teachers are generally in perennial high demand. The American Board Biology Program is designed to ensure that candidates have a thorough knowledge of topics ranging from the basic functions of DNA to the biochemical basis for life. Your program includes advising services, exams, onlinecoursework, practice exams and more.

How much do I need to know?

The American Board’s programs are built from Standards set by teaching experts to insure that a teacher certified by the American Board is not only highly qualified in their field of study, but is assured of having the expertise to teach children in that field. Review a snapshot and overview of the exams, take the time to see the full scope of the standards expected of candidates,Potential candidates should review the standards to understand the expectations of the program; interested candidates can always enroll in the Free Trial to explore the resources associated with the program 

What is in the program and how do we help?

In addition to the live program support line and the online forums, the program includes Study Plans, Prepare to Teach pedagogy and classroom management workshops, Subject Matter refresher courses, Practice Quizzes and Exams, and Study and Test Readiness test preparation workshops, all-in-all over 300 pages of materials, and hours of lessons and workshops. However, because the program is online and at your own pace, you only have to do as much as you need to pass the exams. See a more detailed description to learn more, and of course the Free Trial is an option if you are not sure if you want to enroll. 
Study Plans: Our study plans are based on expertrecommendations and successful candidate best practices. . Prepare to Teach workshops: Familiarize yourself with teaching concepts and practices using online lessons, video case studies and printable resources. Online Refresher course: Explore over 300 pages of material, dedicate more time to topics that need intense review and skip over what you already know. Study and Test Readiness workshops: Knowing your content is not enough if you can’t perform on test day. These workshops teach you not only how to study, but how to test to insure your success on test day. Be sure to watch the Orientation, the How to Study and the Multiple Choice workshops. But if you don’t watch the PTK Writing Sample workshop, you are setting yourself up for failure. Practice Exams: Practice in the same format as the real test on more than 300 sample questions. These include full-length tests, topic quizzes, timed and untimed modes, and complete explanations of the answers. Exams: Take exams when you are ready, according to your own  schedule. Testing is available year-round at Pearson VUE centers, Monday-Saturday. *PTK Workbook: Did you know you need to learn one hundred different standards in order to pass the ABCTE Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam? We’ve designed a one hundred page workbook to help maximize studying for the PTK exam. It provides a concrete way to navigate and learn the exams standards. *PTK Quiz Bank I: An optional add-on resource for ABCTE candidates, the quiz bank targets the topics in the standards that people have missed the most on the actual exam. This tool is designed so that candidates can avoid these test pitfalls and succeed the first time. *PTK Quiz Bank II: A perfect complement to Quiz Bank I, this study resource ensures that candidates will focus on not only the areas most missed on the exam but on all the remaining topicst hat must be mastered in order to pass the PTK as well. *Plus+ program materials 

How it works:

The American Board’s portions of the requirements are simple: Have a bachelor’s degree in any area of study (an official transcript will need to be sent before the American Board sends your certificate). Pass the requisite examinations in the program – Professional Teaching Knowledge and Subject Matter exams A background check A state accepting ABCTE’s certification often tailors aspects of the program to fit their own needs and requirements. Once you have fulfilled the requirements for ABCTE certification,you are ready to find a teaching job in a public, charter or privateschool. Be sure to inquire about any additional requirements atthe schools you are applying.

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